Small house decoration ideas for a birthday party

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When it comes to birthday parties, you don’t necessarily want to pull out all the stops when it comes to decorations. Sometimes you want something more personalized and one of a kind to honor a loved one. Either way, a little DIY to get the party started on the right foot is recommended when planning a birthday party.

When planning a birthday party, you’ll want to add decorations to your home to make sure everyone is in the mood to celebrate. We have some fantastic suggestions for you, suggestions that you can implement from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at these five suggestions!

1. Zig Zag Streamers

Zigzag streamers are a fun addition to any birthday party. They’re easy to create, beautiful, and all you need is paper and scissors. Of course, you’ll need tape to hang them up.

2. Tissue paper pom poms

We also discovered very amazing and easy to make tissue paper pom poms. Of course, you’ll need some time off, but we’re confident you’ll be able to make it work.

3. Washi Tape Straws and Bottles

People mix up their glasses at birthday parties, and you end up running out of glasses to give away once everyone shrugs and grabs another from the rack. You can always use washi tape to label bottles and glasses, as well as straws, to prevent this from happening. You can also personalize them by writing people’s names on them.

4. Fabric Tassel Birthday Decor

You can always build a pretty fabric tassel garland if you have extra fabric around the house. It’s charming, it’s simple to make and it will add a pop of color to your wall.

5. Balloon Garland

Let’s build a balloon garland, shall we? When we visit a place where balloon garlands are installed, we think they look amazingly beautiful, so why not build one for your own home? They are simple to create.

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