Tapematic Spa presents a revolutionary new system: IDM II


From there, the brand new IDM II online decoration module was born. It is a fully automated in-line solution for the substrate decorating process. Its design allows for intricate decoration in one continuous process by linking and synchronizing the side and top hot stamping stations, as well as laser engraving to generate variable images and / or data that allows any what an element to be unique and distinguishable.

Tapematic IDM II has been designed to be integrated into a modular line, such as the Tapematic PST Line II, combining metallization, 360 ° side decoration, top decoration, serialization and coating in a fully automated in-line solution.

The advantages of the automated IDM II are obvious: considerable savings in terms of personnel and material. Increased capacity, faster changes and a process free from variables and operator intervention. Introducing “next level” efficiency to the varnishing and decorating process.

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PST Line II In-line 3D spray coating system

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Tapematic Spa
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