The Best Products to Adorn Your Workplace This Freedom Day


On August 15, India will commemorate its 75th independence day. Without tricolor theme, Decoration ideas for Independence Day are incomplete. This day is marked by everyone wearing tricolor attire and decorating offices, schools, showrooms and shopping malls with tricolor decorative items. There are many decorative items online that can be purchased for this occasion for those lacking in creativity.

You can use the items from our list to decorate your office, school, mall or showroom during this time. Independence Day 2022.

First Indian National Tiranga

The first and most important Decoration idea Independence Day is our pride – The national flag. How can we ignore the importance of our national flag? You can place this flag on your workstations or anywhere in the office, mall or classroom. This comes with a set of 6 flags.

Artificial Marigold Flower Garland Bundle


This 5 feet long artificial Marigold garland is purely handcrafted. Using these artificial flower garlands can provide a camouflage look in the office space. By gently rubbing the garlands between your palms, you can fluff them up. As a result, the genda flowers will bloom fully as seen in the photographs, and they will remain fully bloomed until pressed.

Fab Nation Independence Day Balloons


These tricolor balloons are perfect for independence day to decorate the entrance of offices, shopping centers and schools. The balloon filler straw included with the decorative material can be used to simply blow air into the balloons with your mouth. You don’t need anything but tape to complete this independence day case.

Festiko Combo Banner and Balloon Decoration


The most important aspect of the total space is the reception area of ​​an office or showroom. It is mandatory to decorate the areas nicely as it is the center of attraction. Brighten up your office waiting room or reception by hanging tricolor banners.

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