The most popular Halloween costume, candy and decoration in NJ are…


Spooky season is upon us. While most countries celebrate Halloween, we certainly celebrate it differently depending on where we live.

In 2022 according to a survey 71% of Americans plan to decorate. Interestingly, more people will decorate the interior of their home (69%) than their front door (63%) or yard (56%).

What is New Jersey’s most popular Halloween decoration? I mean it’s so obvious, but while many other states share it, most don’t. It’s something simple. It’s something that can extend beyond Halloween.

If you still don’t understand, it’s a carved pumpkin. The simple pumpkin, or Halloween pumpkin, is the most common Halloween decoration not only in New Jersey, but also in Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Catherine Yeulet

Catherine Yeulet

In Pennsylvania, she’s a witch. In New York, he’s a ghost. In Delaware, it’s a second term for Joe Biden. (OK, enough with the Delaware jokes. It’s actually a spider.)

So are we lazy in New Jersey? Just throw a pumpkin on the steps and call it a day?

What about New Jersey’s most popular Halloween candies? If all those Sweets Sixteen candy polls the D&D show used to do were science, this would be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. But nooo.

According to, New Jersey’s favorite Halloween candy is the Hershey’s bar. Shouldn’t that belong in Pennsylvania where Hershey, PA is? Well, yes, it’s also the Hershey’s Bar. New York? Rollo.

Rollo?!?! Who the hell really loves Rolos?

I am rotflmao in Rolo.

OK, maybe the costumes will make more sense. What is New Jersey’s most popular Halloween costume?

This is where it gets murky. Unlike the decorations and candy that came from our current year, I couldn’t find a reliable source for 2022. But according to this source, the most common Halloween costume last year in the Garden State was the evil clown Pennywise. Yet another source says she is a witch. Yet another says Superman is New Jersey’s most popular costume.

So we don’t know exactly which costume is the most popular in New Jersey. We only know which one is scarier. It’s a New Jersey state employee saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

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