Top 6 Exciting and Easy DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for 2022


The “Big Indian Wedding” is a bigger life extravaganza.

The “Big Indian Wedding” is a bigger life extravaganza. Whether it is the food, the clothes, the place or the decorations; more is always less. But, as a culture, we have long moved past “lights, Shamiyanaa, and Shehnayee” for wedding arrangements.

Today’s generation is interested in the latest trends, personalized arrangements and original decoration ideas. As the age of wedding planners rages on, however, it never hurts to try your thing. What if you could make your wedding decorations from the materials available at home?

Not only does this make for a cool and unique wedding idea that will be talked about for months, but it also helps you put a tab on the overflowing budget. So, let’s take a look at some of the latest DIYs wedding decoration ideas for this wedding season:

  1. Sasuraal Gendaa Phool

We Indians never get enough flowers. All Indian functions are incomplete without flowers; Genda Phool or the beautiful Marigold being a favourite. For a beautiful DIY wedding idea, Marigold is a perfect choice.

But bring a modern twist to the traditional decoration of Gendaa Phool by creating it in a “backdrop decoration”. It basically involves arranging long garlands in a pattern to form a thin backdrop.

It could be in a simple square-shaped wooden scaffolding where garlands can be criss-crossed into interesting patterns. Another great idea is to hang Marigold arrangements in front of basic white curtains on a wall or wall-like structure where you can create the “photo booth”.

So there you have it, a great blend of a traditional and modern twist on beautiful Marigold. Using flowers is a great decoration idea, and most of the time, Indian people can’t get enough of them.

  1. Tag IT

Want to do something really interesting for your family’s last wedding? Well, tag the bride and groom. This means creating quirky, funny and interesting nicknames for couples instead of just “Bride” and “Groom”.

All you have to do is get some signs, colored or white, and write the nickname in interesting fonts. Cute names like “Cuddles”, “Cutie Pie”, “Sweetie Pie”, “CEO”, “CFO” and various punky names can make your wedding interesting.

Likewise, come up with interesting tag names for the parents of the bride and groom and other members as well. These placards can be hung or glued to the back of the seats for the respective persons and relations.

  1. Bring the buntings

We Indians have a centuries-old relationship with sparrows. These strings of tiny flag-shaped decorations have always found a place at festivals and parties. But, you can put a whole new modern spin on the basic cheesecloth and make your wedding venue the talk of the town.

Collect all the cousins ​​and collect interesting pieces of fabric in perfect condition. These should include patterns, designs or embroidery in different colors. Now simply cut these pieces of fabric into Bunting arrangements on strings and hang them in various key locations like the entrance or above the seating areas etc.

These are easy to create, on a budget, fun to look at and make for statement decor for any wedding. So you can see the DIY wedding decorations are a wonderful way to invest a little more in the big day.

  1. Go green

Plants and greens are perfect for an economical wedding decoration. Most nature lovers opt for the “green theme” wedding decor which involves strategic placements of natural flora around the venue. This, in combination with pillar candles, creates a kind of ‘celebration in the greens’ mood.

Tropical themed weddings are all the rage today, where a clever mix of indoor and outdoor plants make for wonderful wedding decorations, on a budget and with readily available resources. Greenery is one of the best ideas when it comes to making sure your wedding stays the talk of the town.

Transform the wedding scene into a rustic-looking tropical spot with colorful throw pillows, pretty indoor palm trees on either side, and some greens as a backdrop. Rugs below, as well as marigold garlands overhead and lush greenery for company; are simply picturesque.

  1. Lights, curtains and action

We all have a bunch of fairy lights hidden away in our attics. Now is the time to take them out and use them for a great wedding idea. Combine color-themed draping arrangements with tinsel garlands all around the seated arrangement to create a surreal experience.

This will not only give you a beautiful idea of ​​chic and colorful wedding decoration, but also completely within your budget. Create seating arrangements in strategic corners and spaces that coordinate with curtains to create a cool, comfortable place that feels like you’re “walking into a dream.”

And yes, a few hookah stands, some incense, aromatic sticks, flowers and you’re good to go. So, there you have it, a few more attachments and you have some wonderful DIY wedding decorations on your hand.

  1. Origami, Dream Catchers and a bunch of old saris

Do you like the bohemian theme? Well, get into Hippie mode with some great Origami action. Round up your cousins ​​and have a pre-wedding origami-making party, where you get lots of colored papers, scissors, string, and lots of fun while you’re at it.

Now put on your creations either as a stage backdrop or as an overhead catwalk. It’s another level of entering a place where you have lots of colorful birds and flowers to greet you. Take the boho theme one step further and make these dream catchers work for you.

If it’s a garden or lawn for a wedding reception, hang the dream catchers with the trees and branches for a whimsical wedding decor. Candles and feathers tend to complete the arrangement for you. For cushions, get mom’s old sarees and make DIY cushions out of them.

Create cozy seating areas, spaces and corners with colorful cushions, good music, delicious food, friends and an unforgettable evening. Likewise, mason jars with fairy lights and hanging on top offer a great idea for DIY wedding decorations and, therefore, make for a unique theme.


Weddings are no longer about a sad bride and a strained groom in an ill-fitting suit. This is an opportunity to expose personalities. Lately, couples tend to go to great lengths to personalize their wedding, making it an unforgettable occasion.

Not only that, wedding decor is one of the most important aspects where themes come into play. However, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to make it unique. All you need is an idea, some great friends and family to involve, and lots of fun while you’re at it.

So, these are some DIY wedding decorations ideas that you can take a look at. Whether it’s the reception or any pre-wedding celebration, making sure you have fun is still an important aspect of the occasion. So be creative and go crazy, but don’t forget to have a time of your life by indulging in the most important day of your life.

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