Traditional Home Decoration Ideas for Kerala Harvest Festival


ONAM 2022: Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of Kerala. It is the official state festival and one of the major events for Keralites. Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam, the fifth month of the Malayalam calendar. This year, it will be celebrated from August 30 to September 8.

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The feast is celebrated with great pomp and spectacle. Meanwhile, people are wearing new dresses, visiting temples, and cooking lip-smacking dishes. People also participate in folk songs, classical dances, boat races and elephant processions on Onam. A big part of the festival is the decorations associated with it.

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Here are some interior decoration ideas for Onam –

Pookalam at the entrance

Onam 2022: Pookalam is the rangoli design or pattern that is done at the entrance of Onam houses and temples. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

The most important theme for decoration in Onam is flowers. As it is a harvest festival, fresh flowers have an important connection. Pookalam is the rangoli design or pattern that is done at the entrance of Onam houses and temples. This rangoli is made of fresh flowers to welcome the guests, as well as King Mahabali. You can add different colors, experiment with different flowers, and create creative designs to give your entryway a dynamic makeover.

Add garlands and fresh leaves

(Representative image: Shutterstock)
(Representative image: Shutterstock)

Use marigolds and rose garlands to adorn bare walls and light fixtures. You can wrap the garlands around the pillars or hang them at the entrance of the house. Make torans, a decorative wall hanging, from mango leaves and hang them on the front door of your home. It is believed to bring good luck and ward off negativity.

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Light Diyas

(Representative image: Shutterstock)
(Representative image: Shutterstock)

Just like other festivals, Diya or oil lamps are an integral part of the Indian festival. Likewise, Onam decorations are incomplete without diyas. Be sure to light diyas or candles on your house steps, entryway, porch and balcony in the evening.

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Add scents

Keeping a bowl full of fragrant jasmine in the living room or bedroom will add a festive scent to the home. Rose petals added to bowls of water can be used as decoration in addition to spreading their fragrance. Add tuberose sticks (rajnigandha) or sunflowers to flower vases to add vibrant color to homes.

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