Tuba rabbit “316 tasteful home decoration Festival” is coming, “online shopping decoration” has become the mainstream


Yesterday 15:36 (GMT+8)

Today, Tuba rabbit’s “316 home decoration Festival” was officially launched, which will jointly promote the Spring Festival preferential decoration with many companies in the platform. It is reported that this year’s Tuba Rabbit promotion activities will be completely improved. All users who register information on the platform can obtain eight guarantee services such as accompanying signature, home inspection service, third-party quality inspection and site accident insurance. In addition, multiple preferential activities such as “Official QC goes from 3 times to 8 times free”, “Professional QC comes with free signature service”, “100% store courtesy”, “Free 10000 to sign more than 100,000” and “sign to draw a full set of household appliances” are also ready for consumers. According to the relevant manager of Tuba rabbit, the reason why this year’s event is called “316 Youpin home decoration Festival”, in which the word “pin” has three meanings: the first is a big brand, the second is good quality , and the third is the taste. It is hoped that by holding the Home Decor Festival, we can bring together container repair supply and demand in a short time, help high-quality merchants in the industrial chain stand out, and provide users with more great peace of mind A more secure one-stop shop for decorating services.


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