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To revive a living space, a renovation or replacement of furniture requires a considerable investment. If that’s not a priority for you, consider adding some color and personality to your living room or bedroom with a stunning piece of wall art. Framed art looks sophisticated and can be added to any room in the house. Framed wall art comes in a variety of themes, and you can choose from stunning hand-painted canvases or pop-art inspired graphic paintings that are light on the pocket and easy to install. With a wide selection of color combinations and graphic illustrations, framed wall art will compliment almost any taste or decor. To showcase your taste, you can opt for a bold painting framed in an antique frame or a simple and minimal painting in a thin wood frame. Discover our choices of framed art for your walls:

This set of 6 frames is perfect for creating a gallery wall in the living room. Posters have a wooden frame with a black rigid cardboard backing with high density fibreboard (HDF). The black frame looks sophisticated and elegant and will add definition to a white wall. Botanical art can also be placed in bedrooms, children’s rooms, official buildings and more.

Each frame measures 12 by 8 inches.

These artistic prints feature a whimsical illustration of flying birds, flowers and green leaves. The art is printed on premium fine art paper and is framed for easy installation. The frame used is made from synthetic wood, which will provide longevity and ease of cleaning. The set of three frames includes a single large frame measuring 22 by 47 cm and 2 smaller frames measuring 22 by 22 cm.

These frames can be hung on the wall and also placed on tables and shelves.


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This modern wall art is perfect for young locals who are looking for trendy pieces for their home. The art is printed with a premium printing technique and is framed in a brown colored frame. The print is enclosed in glass on the front and it also comes with a hook for hanging.

The poster frame is fully assembled and will be ready to hang on the walls.

This graduated mountain art is made on a matte canvas in a shiny and fine white cotton-poly blend. The art print reflects the serenity of the mountains and is modernized with a golden gold edge at the top of each mountain. This framed art comes with a sturdy hanging mechanism. Wall art will also look great on desks, shelves, dressers and more.

The artwork measures 38.1 x 2.5 x 50.8 centimeters.

These fine art prints will brighten up the look of your room and make the blank room wall attractive and eye-catching. The art is made with high definition print and is enclosed in a solid clear glass front cover and MDF back panel which gives it the strength to last for a long time. The set of 4 can be hung together in groups of two or in larger groups depending on individual preference.

The size of the frames is 9 x 12 inches.

Line art looks minimalist and chic and is a popular choice among young people. These prints are all about the juxtaposition of color blocks and bold lines. These prints will instantly enhance your space and give them a modern and lively look.

The size of each frame is 30.5 x 20.3 x 4 centimeters.

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