Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Everyone wants to make their wedding event a lasting memory. Wedding and low budget! The two words do not sync. But you can cut your decorating budget primarily by adopting cool but beautiful low-budget decorating ideas. The reception is the focal point of any indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. Therefore, you cannot compromise on wedding reception decorations. Here I have brought some affordable wedding reception decoration ideas for you. Some ideas are so simple that they will shut you up for a moment after knowing them. Read the article to the last word for some economical yet beautiful ideas.

multicolored balloons

Colors should not be ordinary but vibrant in any wedding ceremony. Vibrant colors set an energetic tone. To add colors, fun and a romantic tone, there are many options that wedding decor managers or planners adopt i.e. multicolored flowers, tapestries, lighting and curtains. They do the actual work but at a higher cost. If you are looking for fantastic and economical colorful ideas, colored balloons do the same job as some expensive decorations. Using multicolored balloons gives your wedding a romantic yet fun mood.

Blackboard with a massage

Nothing beats a creative chalkboard idea when looking for budget wedding reception decor. You can customize it and make it according to your feelings. These chalkboards are perfect replacements for huge and expensive floral or metallic centerpieces, which eat up a significant chunk of the entire wedding decor budget. You can engage your guests by leaving charming yet unique messages. You can also make them pause for a moment by simply asking them to share their feelings for the new couple. In short, it’s sweet, simple and engaging wedding decor.

Scenery with sunlight

You can decorate your outdoor wedding venue with the help of sunlight. This will save you money from the separate budget to spend on marquee rent or electricity bills if you organize it in your garden. The opening to the sun is suitable for winter or spring days because it is almost impossible to stand in the sun on a hot sunny day.

DIY chandeliers

DIY; Three words make life so simple and easy. DIY ideas will help you avoid high budget expenses for wedding decoration. It also allows you to bring innovative ideas to your wedding ceremony. There are many other tasks that you need to do while arranging the ceremony i.e. marquee arrangement, clothes and many more like this. Gather your troops, explain your idea and develop fabulous homemade and economical chandeliers. Moreover, it will also be a very fun time to work with your best friends. And your wedding will represent an elegant look with DIY chandeliers.

colorful paper lanterns

If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony at night in your garden or any other outdoor location. In this case, you can make it profitable with the help of colored paper lanterns. You can decorate your reception with these colorful paper lanterns. They are economical compared to metal or wooden lanterns. You can easily set the mood and tone of the ceremony using varying colors and sizes of paper lanterns. It is wise to opt for paper lanterns as we usually only use metal or wooden lanterns once in our lifetime.

Hanging Pictures

Make your reception simple yet sweet and attractive by having a table, LED string lights and pictures. Spread multi-colored flowers on the table, natural or artificial; it’s totally up to you. Use the LED chains behind the table and hang fantastic pictures. It could be your partner, family members, or old memories, like childhood photos. It is a rustic wedding decor. This landscape could stop guests for a moment at the reception and feel love for you.

Fun with flowers

Flowers are always an amazing way to decorate any place on a budget. A wide variety of flowers can help you with this, from budget flowers to very expensive flowers. Shop multi-colored, budget-friendly flowers and fill the centerpiece with these flower bouquets. You can find great centerpieces at sziqiqi. You can set the mode with different colors and flower types. You can also hang these flowers with the hanging pictures with LED garlands. If you plan to decorate with expensive flowers, opt for their paper replica. It will give the same beautiful landscape as the original one. In addition, they will serve for longer hours.

Tie Ribbons

Expensive upholstery covers are luxurious and ineffective for most of us, even if someone wants to have them someday, even on a rental. Instead of buying or tearing upholstery covers, use ribbons. Tape does the same job but in an economical way. Get a nice wide ribbon and tie them around the backs of the chairs. It will add elegance and beauty, like upholstery covers. Call your troop of friends and ask for help cutting and tying the ribbons on a momentous day.

Add candles

Last but not least is adding candles to the reception table. Candles are the most powerful tool to decorate any place. Regardless of the type of candle, it will play a fantastic role in leaving your guest quiet for a while. Moreover, you can set your desired tone i.e. romantic, elegant, rustic or whatever with the help of a candle arrangement on the table. They are fine in some remote outdoor locations at night, where electricity is difficult to manage. Candles are fortunately economical for many other modern decors. For this you need candle holders available on


The wedding ceremony is a big, memorable party to bring your friends and family together under one roof or lawn. The decoration elevates the whole event and makes it memorable for a long time. Most people can’t buy expensive wedding decorations to spruce up their big day. Money-saving ideas include multicolored balloons, a blackboard with a massage, DIY chandeliers, colorful paper lanterns, hanging pictures, flowers and candles at the reception.


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