What is the most popular Halloween decoration in Tennessee?


Are you decorating for Halloween? If so, when do you start decorating for Halloween and what are your favorite Halloween decorations?

Home services company Angi recently conducted a survey and compiled a report on how Americans decorate for Halloween across the country, and they determined the most popular Halloween decoration for each state.

The five main findings of the study show the following.

  • 62% of survey respondents decorate for Halloween before October 9th.
  • 60.2% of respondents remove their decorations within a week of Halloween.
  • 69.21% of survey respondents spend at least three to six hours decorating for Halloween.
  • 50% of survey respondents decorate with lawn inflatables.
  • 72.88% of respondents agree with bloody decorations, but the most popular theme is family, with 35.92% choose it for their own home.
  • 32% say they spend between $150 and $249 on decorations.
  • The most popular Halloween decoration in Tennessee – 12 foot skeleton family.
Halloween decor
Angi chart

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