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The description:
Suitable for aerial camouflage, mountainous and forest cover, can be well integrated with the surrounding landscape
Military Architecture Car Camouflage Scenario Mode
Aquarium, water park, swimming pool, indoor curtains, outdoor dressing room, outdoor small garden decoration and other scenes

》》Name: Camouflage Network
“”White color
》》Lifetime: indoor 3-5 years, outdoor 2 years
》》Size: The size can be customized according to your needs. 2x3m 6.5×9.8ft, 2x4m6.5×13.12ft, 2x5m6.5×16.4ft, 2x6m6.5×19.68ft, 2x7m6.5×22.96ft, 2x8m6.5×26.24ft, 3x3m9.8×9.8ft, 3x4m 9.8×13.12ft9. 8×16.4ft, 3x6m9.8×19.68ft, 3x7m9.8×22.96ft, 3x8m9.8×26.24ft, 3x9m9.8×29.52ft, 4x4m13.12×13.12ft, 4x5m 13.12×16.4m3.221ft, 4x6m13.612×13.612ft, 4x6m13.612ft, 3.612ft 12×19.68ft, 96ft, 4x8m13.12×26.24ft, 4x9m13.12×29.52ft, 4x10m13.12×32.8ft, 5x5m16.4×66.4m16.4ft, 5×19.68ft, 5x7m16.4×22.96ft, 5x86m26.4, 5×862.4m, 4x86m2.4 .4×26.24ft , 5x10m16.4×32.8ft, 6x6m19.68×19.68ft, 6x7m19.68×22.96ft, 6x8m .24ft, 6x9m19.68×29.52ft, 6x10m19.68×32.8ft, 7x7m22.966×27.26ft, 7x7m22.962×27.27.26ft , 7x9m22.96×29 .52ft, 7x10m22.96×32.8ft, 8x8m 24ft, 8x9m26.24×29.529.529.8ft, 9x9m29.52×29.52 ft, 9x10m29.52×32.8ft, 10x10m32.8×52.8ft, 10x10m32.8×32. 8ft, 10x10m32.8×32.8ft

“”Kind reminder:
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